Bartender Available

Food Service Available

Saturday 11am to 8pm Saturday 12pm to 7pm
Sunday 12pm to 7pm Sunday 1pm to 7pm

(Pool area and golf course)

Due to ALE regulations, the Club is required to sell and control the consumption of all alcoholic beverages consumed on the Club premises. Therefore, no outside alcoholic beverage are permitted on Club premises. Members are permitted to bring personal coolers to the pool but they cannot contain alcoholic beveraes that were not purchased from the Club. Proof of purchase must be provided or they will not be permitted in the pool. Coolers will be checked at the gate when members are signing in.

Guests: Members may bring guests any day for a $5 charge per guest on the member's account. Guests must be accompanied by sponsoring member at all times.
Members and guests must sign the log book in as they enter the pool fence.

Members can rent the pool for private use after hours. Book the reservation with Lisa or Eric (click Contact button above). Cost for rental is $50. Cost for lifeguards is $10/hour. Two lifeguards per party for parties with less than 30 patrons. If more than 30 patrons, one lifeguard for every 15 guests.

Pool Phone: 336-347-0664

After-Hours Reservations

1. All non-swimmers and children under 5 must be supervised by a responsible adult swimmer. 9. There will be a 10-minute rest period every hour on the hour except at 12:00 noon when there will be a 20-minute rest period. All children under 18 must stay out of the water unless they are in the pool with their parents. Only one child per parent.
2. No food is allowed within 3 feet of the pool. 10. No hanging or sitting on the rope dividers in the pool.
3. No pets are allowed inside the fence. 11. No floats, rafts, inner tubes, etc in the pool unless there are less than 10 persons in the pool and the lifeguards have given permission.
4. No running, horseplay, pushing, or dunking others. No riding on another swimmers shoulders. 12. NO ONE is allowed on the lifeguard stand except the lifeguards. No unnecessary conversation with the lifeguards while they are on duty.
5. First aid is available from the lifeguards. No Band-Aids are to be worn while swimming 13. Only one person may use the diving board and ladders at a time. There is to be no double bouncing or unsafe diving. No hanging on the board. All divers must wait until the preceding diver swims clear.
6. Smoking area located outside fence. Put cigarettes and trash in the proper containers. 14. Parents may not leave children at the pool uattended unless they have completed the fifth grade.
7. No glass containers are allowed in the pool area. 15. ALL MEMBERS MUST ABIDE BY LIFEGUARD DECISIONS. Please obey these rules and the instructions and warning of the lifeguards - they are to protect the safety and rights of all patrons.
8. No roller blades, skateboards, scooters, etc are to be brought into the pool area.

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